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Wayne Rogers

Over SIXTY FOUR (64) years in the electrical industry:

Apprentice, Journeyman, Master Electrician
Master Electrician in [formerly] twelve (12) [currently 3 states] including The State of Texas

Electrical Estimator and Sales Engineer
Electrical Contractor
Chief Electrical Inspector, City of Pasadena, Texas
Chairman Electrical Technology Department San Jacinto College
Founder of Electrical Contracting Consultants
Founder of E.C.C. School of Electrical Technology

Over fourty-nine (49) years a professional Electrical Consultant.
Instructor of Electrical Technology
Electrical Safety Specialist
Electrical Accident Inspector
National Electrical Code Technologist
Electrical Expert Witness with experience in courtroom testimony
Interdisciplinary Power Quality Technologist

Association Membership:
Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association
International Association Electrical Inspectors
National Fire Protection Association - Electrical Section
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

Wayne Rogers Electrical Consultant and Educator
My case work services involve civil suits, such as personal injury, product defects, construction claims, and National Electrical Code and Safety violations.

As a qualified Electrical Consultant, I inspect failed electrical systems, determine the cause of electrical accidents, determine the causes or origins of "electrical fires" or evaluate the quality of electrical construction or review design or maintenance procedures.

The usual steps involved in my inspections include stating the problem, making numerous observations, formulating a hypothesis as to the cause, doing any necessary testing, researching of Standards, Codes, and Electrical Industry Practices, analyzing the results and coming to a conclusion.

My basic job duties are to determine what happened in an incident, prepare a findings report and, if required, assist attorneys, testify in depositions or in court. Since my first assignment, I have produced many reports, testified in depositions and in court numerous times. I understand the legal practices involved in testifying in court, including the standards of proof. I am aware of and practice writing, speaking, and evidence-handling skills.

An outline of my education, electrical licenses, and work related history is presented in my introduction shown on this web site. Much more detail of my history is available on request.


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